Often while living around Ontario's capital it's hard to escape the hustle and bustle of city streets. However, there are so many amazing homes that you would never guess are part of the city. This GTA mansion for sale is one of those properties that could make you forget you're living in Toronto because it seems like it's out of a faraway land. 

The grounds of the property are totally secluded by large trees that completely hide the house from view. The place is also built overlooking the National Golf Club, so there is plenty of peace and quiet. It's a surprising oasis in the GTA.

From the inside, the windows are large and let lots of natural light in. The view from the windows is also quite green, because of the forested fence that surrounds the entire house. 

From the inside, it looks like you're living in a luxury treehouse of epic proportions. 

The property even has a pool that is surrounded by forest, making you feel like you are in a mystical land.

Did we mention that the place also has an entire wine wall? 

That's right, if you are a wine lover, you can store and display all of your favourite wines on an entire wall of your kitchen.

The glass showcase looks like it would hold hundreds of your favourite bottles, making this the perfect house for someone who can't say no to a little vino. 

Once you have the perfect glass of red, you can then relax in one of your many rooms. 

This property is the perfect getaway from reality when you come home, and it's going for $5,950,000.

The larger than life windows give this place such a serene atmosphere. 



From the outside, this place looks like it has an entire ecosystem in the backyard. 

This place is perfect for all occasions and you could throw the perfect pool party or wine tasting events. 

A Secluded GTA Mansion Paradise

Price: $5,950,000

Address: 66 Clubhouse Rd., Vaughan, ON

Why You Need To Go: This secluded mansion overlooking a golf course is the perfect place to get away from Toronto while not actually leaving.

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