If you have millions and millions of dollars lying around and want to feel like royalty, this castle-like Oakville mansion for sale showcases luxury on a whole other level. Elegance and beauty are understatements when it comes to this home and the price tag really sets that in stone. With this place tagged at a cool $59 million, that lottery win can't come any sooner.

Located right on 1150 E Lakeshore Road in Oakville, Ontario, this 43,850-square-foot mansion, also known as Chelster Hall, sits right on 10 acres of land on the Lake Ontario waterfront.

With six bedrooms and 13 bathrooms on the property, you can bring your whole family and then some.

Before you even enter this English castle of a home, you'll have to drive through the two massive front entry gates and pass the sentry gatehouse where the security office is located.

It's worth it, though, as the house's exterior alone is breathtaking as you arrive to capture it all.

Trust us, you'd feel like Prince Harry rolling up here.

But what's inside those massive wooden doors makes it 10 times better.

From the stunning open-concept library, bringing in natural light, to the gorgeous chandeliers hanging in the living room, the house comes with the full luxury package to make you feel like the ruler of your own kingdom.

Although its elegant beauty is enough to make someone fall in love, the house could also surprise you as it has wine cellars (that's right, more that one), a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, and so much more.

Have a helicopter with nowhere to park it right now? Well, you can land one on this property.

There's also a chapel for weddings and an independent housekeeper's house. After all, maintaining a place like this needs a whole team.

There's also a home gym, hot tub, and sauna, giving you more of a reason to never want to leave.

And what mansion isn't complete without a movie theatre and bowling lane?

If you happen to have a massive motor collection as well as the 'copter, there's also a 12-car underground parking garage.

If you're able to fork out almost $60 million dollars, about $200,000 per month, then this home was meant for you.

Chelster Hall

Price: $59,000,000 - Est. $199,830/mo

Address: 1150 E Lakeshore Road, Oakville, ON

Description: Chelster Hall brings the elegance of English royalty right on Canadian soil. 

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