Calling all beach lovers! If you're tired of crowds at the waterfront, you might want to move into this Ontario cottage for sale. This massive abode comes with its very own swimming hole, so you can enjoy the vibes of summer without fighting the crowds. 

972 Pike Lake Rd., located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a two-bedroom home that offers privacy and luxury on quiet waters.

The navy-blue cottage is a 25-minute drive from the nearest town, making it an ideal place to live for those looking to avoid living near the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Among the most exciting amenities are its private pond, which serves as a swimming hole in the summer.

The place also features an elevated balcony area that overlooks the water.

The home’s newly constructed interior is appropriately modern with an open concept kitchen and a cozy half bathroom.

The cottage even comes with its own media room, which readily serves as a home theatre — perfect for watching movies on rainy days.

What makes this listing even better, if that it's not overly expensive. 

This private home offers a little slice of Canadian paradise for just under $700,000. 

However, if the price tag still seems unaffordable to you, other cottages offer privacy at lower rates.

A large house located on an island near Toronto is being offered for just $189,000.

Cottage With Swimming Hole 

Price: $689,000

Address: 972 Pike Lake Rd., Jacques Township, ON

Description: Escape the crowds by moving into this secluded Ontario cottage for sale. 

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