The cost of rent in the 6ix is no joke. But sometimes you just have to laugh at the struggle, right? If rent and housing prices have got you down, these hilarious TikTok videos in Toronto are exactly what you need in your life.

We’ve rounded up hilariously relatable TikTok videos about the Toronto apartment struggle so at least you know you’re not alone out there.

From the soaring rent prices to the tiny and sometimes barely livable spaces, there’s plenty to complain about.

Have you ever had to do laundry in your bathtub? Or had a closet that doubled as a shower with no lighting? 

Well, you can find all those problems and more here and you’ll only have to pay $2,000 per month plus utilities. 

Meanwhile, Drake is out here making us all envious with his gorgeous Toronto mansion

Even there are some relatively affordable houses spread out in the GTA, the fact remains that living here isn’t cheap. 

So take a look at the videos below and have yourself a good cry-laugh.

Condo? Don't Know Her

Does anyone have a casual 1.2 million dollars lying around that we can borrow real quick?

A Glow Up We Can All Relate To

Is it just us, or does 20 years seem like a pretty bold prediction? To be safe, check back in 30.


A Place With Personality 

Honestly, we could live with a ghost in the apartment, but showering in the dark? Thank you, next. 

Coming Out Of My Cage And I've Been Doing Just Fine


At least the unit would get tons of natural light?


The Struggle Is Real

As if the laundry wasn't already a pain to do, this is next-level torture.


Want to get into the fridge? Nope!

Shout out to weird doors that don't make any sense.


"Water Damage Included" At Least It's Not Extra

Okay, but why are the elevators padded though?

Expectations Vs Reality

Honestly, we've never felt so hurt by the Friends theme song before.

Command Strips For Everything

"It usually means your building's old and it will be knocked down and turned into a condo soon." That hit different. 

The Worlds Most Overpriced Escape Room

But did everyone else get a little jealous when rent was under $1000 though?

It's Cozy

Even if this is technically New York, we can certainly relate.

So there you have it, renting in the city might be tough but at least we can laugh at ourselves.

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