Do you remember how incredible it felt as a kid to climb up into your tree fort and get a birds-eye view of your backyard? Well, you can experience those magical views all over again in this breathtaking Toronto home for sale. With a stunning top floor octagonal balcony, you’ll have your head in the trees, just like the good ole’ days.

Located on 77 Forest Grove Dr., this ravine bungalow feels like a charming woodland resort right here in the city. 

The custom-designed balcony and deck are made from gorgeous wood and sparkling glass panels that offer totally dreamy views of the wooded back yard.

Of course, at $3,000,000, all most of us can do is dream about this place and admire it from afar. 

Though, with an outdoor hot tub, sauna, wet bar, and more, there’s no shortage of things to admire about this tree-fort of a home. 

The large windows and six stunning skylights make the interior of the home feel as bright and airy as the balcony. 

In the colder months, you can cozy up by the giant stone fireplace which is surrounded by parquet floors and gorgeous wooden walls to match.

This Toronto bungalow has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, breakfast nook (how charming!), sunroom, rec room, workshop, and more.

In some of those rooms, you’ll find fireplaces, a sauna, and even a wet bar.

The professional landscape work done in the backyard is beautiful, obviously, but it also offers an element of privacy that can be hard to find in Toronto. 

From the dining room, you can enjoy spectacular views of the nearby ravine. The ravine can be seen from the workshop and one of the five bedrooms as well.

77 Forest Grove Drive

Price: $3,000,000

Address: 77 Forest Grove Dr., Toronto, ON

Description: Beautiful landscaping and a spectacular custom balcony make this home feel like the cities fanciest tree fort.

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