Have you ever wanted to live like a supervillain with an iconic indoor waterfall? Well now, you can with this Toronto mansion that is worthy of an evil lair. Ideally, your dream is to live like a megalomaniac, without actually becoming one, but who knows, I imagine living in a place as luxurious as the one you’re about to read about could go right to anyone’s head. Next stop, world domination.

2132 Springbank Rd., located in Mississauga, Ontario, is a 7-bedroom and 13-bathroom home of the future, designed by Tomas Pearce.

The glossy 1500,00 square feet residence looks like a place a Bond villain might call home, with cathedral-like ceilings and a great hall.

The multi-million-dollar residence also features its own indoor waterfall, which is bound to be a conversation starter.

If having your own human-made wonder in your living room doesn’t impress your friends, get new ones and then show them your waterfall.

In addition to the waterfall, the pad also has an indoor swimming pool. Finally, no more having to wait out the seasons to swim, you can take a dip whenever you want in your own personal oasis. I’m also starting to sense a water-theme here.

The kitchen and bathrooms are equally exquisite with a shower that goes for days.

Seriously you could fit 20 people in your shower. I repeat, you could host an entire party in your shower, not that you would want to, but you have the option.

If you thought the house was already amazing enough, sit down because it also has computerized toilets.

Amongst the place, special features are its home theatre, wine room, and it’s beautifully sculptured terrace and yard.

The home is located in Sheridan, a neighbourhood that is praised for it’s slow-paced and peaceful atmosphere.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more old-school, you might want to check out this house. It’s less evil villain and more prince charming.

Waterfall House

Price: $8,900,000

Address: 2132 Springbank Rd., Mississauga, ON

Description: Your own personal evil lair, complete with indoor waterfall.

View Here

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