Why live somewhere ordinary when you can live somewhere extraordinary? Places like tiny homes, laneway houses and even houseboats make everyday life more exciting than your average cookie-cutter dwelling. Right now, there's a Toronto townhouse built inside an old church that's the perfect home if you can't stand those plain white boxes you find in most new buildings.

While Toronto churches turned into condos aren't a new phenomenon, this condo combines the new and old in a captivating way.

The two-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse is selling for $1,385,000. It's built inside the Church of St. Mary the Virgin & St. Cyprian in Bloorcourt Village.

The church is over 100 years old but this townhouse unit has a ton of sleek, modern additions that make it feel like it's a cool movie set rather than an actual place you can live. 

If you don't have quite 1.4 million to spend on a townhouse, there are some unusual affordable options near Toronto right now, like a tiny house that's cheaper than a car.

The condo market in Toronto is still so hot that even if you were to put an offer in, you're likely to be outbid or crowded out.

White walls combined with exposed brick and tons of windows make this church-turned-home seem totally angelic.

One of the highlights of this place has to be its "Private Terrace Oasis." This looks like a common amenities area for the whole building, but it all belongs to this townhouse suite.

It's really spacious and a great place for parties and BBQs in the summer.

The attic bedroom is the coziest place to sleep. The wood is from locally sourced oak trees and also dates back to the 19th century.

Church Conversion Condo

Price: $1,385,000

Address: 4-40 Westmoreland Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: This condo inside an old church has a unique look you'll never find in a shoebox condo.

View Here

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