Buying a home seems like an unreachable dream; especially in Vancouver. The housing market here is insane and it’s next to impossible to find anything that is clean, spacey, and in a desirable location without breaking the bank. But not all hope is lost. If you’re a millennial looking to purchase a home in Vancouver, it can be done. We found cheap Vancouver apartments that you might actually afford someday.

What even is affordable housing? Rent in Vancouver is literally so expensive. Sometimes it feels like it would be cheaper to buy. 

The good news is is that not all homes in Vancouver are over $1 million. We managed to track down seven homes for sale right now in Vancouver that are somehow under that impossibly high seven-figure number. 

From classy condos to full homes with a backyard, we found seven very different and affordable homes that you can afford without having to sell a kidney. They may not be the most luxurious places in Vancouver, but a home is a home. 

Homes at good prices rarely last long. If you are serious about purchasing a home, you may want to do it now. These spots won't stick around forever and in this market, these are insanely good deals.

410 384 E 1st Avenue

Price: $569,000

Description: This one bedroom one bath 553-square foot space may be small but it’s all you need. Located on East 1st Avenue, this condo will give you sun all day long which is a serious plus. And for a little over half a million, it’s actually feasible. 

902 150 E Cordova Street

Price: $745,000

Description: If you’re thinking about getting a roommate or living with your significant other, this two bedroom two bath 747 square foot house is perfect. The awesome part about this one is it’s being sold fully furnished! So while you may spend more to purchase it, you will save by not having to make all those trips to Ikea. 

104 2272 Dundas Street 

Price: $439,000 

Description: This 587 square foot place sports a 350 square foot patio which means you can grow all your own veggies. Did someone say sustainable living?

530 2220 Kingsway 

Price: $535,000

Description: This affordable condo unit sports a balcony and a swimming pool. It’s literally steps away from bus stops and just a short 12-minute walk from the Nanaimo Skytrain. Not to mention there is a supermarket right downstairs. 

401 28 Powell Street

Price: $769,900 

Description: This 802 square foot condo has one garage and one bath. There may not be a bedroom but that’s not a problem a divider or two can’t solve. 


306 1250 Burnaby Street

Price: $369,000 

Description: This 545 square foot condo is in the heart of Vancouver’s West End. It looks out on the English Bay so you know the views are worth it. And for only $369,000, it’s not that bad. 

1005 1250 Burnaby Street 

Price: $359,000

Description: This one bedroom one bath unit is seriously adorable. It has all the necessities including a rooftop terrace, swimming pool, and the cutest exposed brick wall. 

If you have to buy a home, these might be the ones to consider. Either that or you can rent out this parking space for $50,000

Good luck out there. 

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