While you can't buy fame, you certainly and purchase a mansion that is fit for world-famous stars. Around town, we have no shortage of stunning homes that are fit a superstar — but could be all yours if you have a few million to spare. Here are Vancouver mansions for sale that are so glam even Canada's own Celine Dion could live there.

Quebec-born singer Celine Dion is known across the globe for her impressive music career, which has included songs like the iconic theme to Titantic

But what you might not realize is she also has exquisite taste when it comes to real estate. In the past, she has owned elaborate posh houses that are beyond your wildest dreams.

In town, there currently are some listings that are so spectacular we believe even Celine would approve. 

You can expect chandeliers everywhere you might look, marble finishings and ornate mouldings. 

Plus, lots of expensive upgrades like a wine cellar where you can store 2,800 bottles of champagne or a bar where the entire ceiling is gold. There is even a house that has an indoor pool that is nicer than most spas. 

Here are all the unbelievable houses for sale in Vancouver that you need to see:


Modest Waterfront Paradise

Price: $18,500,000

Address: 2816 Bellevue Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: Here you'll be able to fall asleep to the peaceful sound of the ocean. The backyard is a dream getaway where you can swim with a view of the water.

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Luxe Pool House

Price: $7,999,800


Address: 4235 W. 29th Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: In this six-bedroom home, you can enjoy outdoor living as there are retractable glass walls. The property has a pool, hot tub, eight spa-like bathrooms and a posh bar perfect for mixing up cocktails with friends.

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Paradise For Wine Lovers

Price: $7,980,000

Address: 4116 Cypress St., Vancouver, BC

Description: It is a wine-lovers paradise with a cellar that can store 2,800 bottles of your favourite pinot. There are also tons of unbelievable features like a steam room, massage room, elevator, theatre, and a bathroom for your puppy.

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All-White Ocean View Estate

Price: $11,888,000

Address: 1095 Crestline Rd., Vancouver, BC

Description: There are more bathrooms than days of the week in this huge mansion. Decorated with traditional finishings it feels timeless and luxurious and offers panoramic views of both the city and ocean.

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Over-The-Top Mini-Castle

Price: $8,998,000

Address: 1145 Chartwell Cres., Vancouver, BC

Description: You will never want to move out of this mansion where you can play golf in the backyard. It has a pool, hot tub, steam room, theatre, and a spacious outdoor kitchen. 

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Marbled Mansion

Price: $14,880,000

Address: 6976 Adera St., Vancouver, BC

Description: With chandeliers everywhere, this abode screams glam. It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, wine cellar, bar, steam room, theatre and an elevator for when you are too lazy to take the stairs.

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House With Its Own Night Club

Price: $11,880,000

Address: 2143 W. 36 Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: The bar here will make your jaw drop. It has a gold ceiling, chandeliers and plenty of shelves to display a valuable collection of bubbly. Plus, there is also a wine cellar, steam room, swimming pool, theatre, and six bedrooms.

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Regal Home

Price: $11,998,000

Address: 6633 Cartier St., Vancouver, BC

Description: It is a grand mansion that will make you feel like you like royalty. Inside it packed with luxurious extras like a theatre room, indoor pool, and wine cellar.

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French Country Mansion

Price: $4,998,000

Address: 8525 Wiltshire St., Vancouver, BC

Description: The entire home has luxurious finishings like marble and chandeliers everywhere you look. It also has an over-the-top theatre room where you can binge-watch all your favourite shows.

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