Henson Developments has proposed a massive, 60-story Passive House tower in Vancouver which would be the largest in the world. Passive House is an international standard for energy-efficient architecture which focuses on airtight structures, high-quality windows, the highest quality of insulation, and superior ventilation.

The environmentally-focused building is planned for Vancouver’s West End from 1059 to 1075 Nelson St., just off Thurlow St. The building would stand among the highest in Vancouver’s skyline while also breaking the world’s height record for buildings of its kind.

In a photo rendering provided to Narcity by Henson Developments, you can see the tower which has a modern aesthetic with curved lines and glass accents. It fits seamlessly into Vancouver’s cityscape.

In order to make this record-breaking building a possibility, Henson Developments has announced a plan to earn Passive House Certification. The City of Vancouver is currently reviewing their application. Soon, a report will go before city council. Next, there will be a public hearing about the proposed project. While this isn't definite, the idea of having the world's largest passive house tower in Vancouver, is very exciting. 

Sean Pander, the green building manager for the City of Vancouver told the Vancouver Courier that it would be a “very big deal” if the project is approved, explaining that the project could drive innovation for low-carbon, eco-friendly developments like these. He also noted that if approved, the project could help reduce costs for similar projects in the future.

In 2016, the City of Vancouver released a Zero Emission Building Plan. The plan outlined the city’s action strategies to ensure the majority of all new buildings use %100 renewable energy and release no operational greenhouse gas emission by 2025. The plan intends to make this the case for all new buildings by 2030. If this new 60-story building is approved, a massive step will be made towards achieving these goals.

If you are building a home in Vancouver, you can build a Passive House and apply for a Passive House certification if you meet the necessary criteria. The criteria include energy performance and occupant comfort, according to the City of Vancouver

This type of energy-efficient building allows for lower utility costs and a lower carbon footprint. It’s a win-win. We look forward to seeing if Vancouver will make history with this towering new development. Stay tuned for updates.

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