You won't believe your eyes when you see this 10,000 square foot Vancouver home for sale where you would not believe it but the next room is, even more, wow than the last.

It is like every room in this six-bedroom home is trying to compete to be the most extravagant.

There are areas with multiple sparkling crystal chandeliers, a movie-theatre with a starry ceiling, and even an indoor swimming pool with ornate Greek sculptures.

In one of the hallways, you'll even find a glass bridge over a mini lake.

But the most surprising spot is the master closet with a painted ceiling, just like The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

Chartwell Estate

Price: $8,998,000

Address: 1145 Chartwell Cres., West Vancouver, BC

Description: Because we all need a little art and inspiration when we get dressed in the morning.

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