Find your own happily ever after inside this opulent Vancouver mansion for sale.

Boasting a 3000 square foot ballroom, all you need is the yellow gown to recreate the magical Belle and the Beast dance scene.

Sure, it doesn't have a talking teapot, but the three-floor heritage building is packed with luxuries like chandeliers and ornate moulding everywhere you look.

Inside the castle-like home, there are six-bedrooms and 10,020 square feet of living space.

The exterior is just as magnificent as you can sit next to the old trees and enjoy a view of the city and mountains.

Angus Park Estate

Price: $14,880,000

Address: 1675 Angus Dr., Vancouver, BC

Description: The gated home is also across the street from Angus Park, making it easy to go for your mid-day run.

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