One year after licensing became mandatory for Vancouver short-term rentals like Airbnb and Expedia, the city has seen the highest rate of owners following the rules across major North American Cities. Out of the 5,866 listings in the city, 73 per cent or 4,266 listings are following the licensing rules.

“A year into our regulations we’ve seen promising results from our enforcement efforts and I’m looking forward to seeing how our approach continues to adapt to put the needs of Vancouver’s long-term renters first," Mayor Kennedy Stewart told CityNews 1130. 

The new rules require all short-term rental providers to hold and display a valid business licence. The operator has to run the rentals out of their own principal residence, and the property must be safe. The short-term rental rules also require that the property be free of any nuisances and that the provider offers non-commercial rentals.

Not complying with these rules in Vancouver means fines of $1,000 per offence. There have been roughly 23 per cent of short-term rentals in violation with the rule, with one business owner being fined $40,000 in total violations. The city released recent data which shows that the majority of rental properties are following the rules.

On Twitter, One individual questioned the authenticity of the compliance reported in the city, stating that homeowners don’t state their accurate address.

The data released by the city shows that the city staff have only opened 3,373 cases out of the 5,866 listings. There are currently 1,027 licenses flagged for investigations and audits.

There are 642 warning letters written, 276 legal orders issued, and 660 violation tickets. The total business licenses suspended are only 117 out of 5,866 listings.

The new laws allow residents to rent their own residence for stays shorter than 30 days through various service providers. When the law was first brought in last year, Vancouver saw the number of Airbnb rentals in Vancouver plummet by the thousands. 

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