If you've ever wanted to feel like a real-life Disney princess and frolic through the meadows, then boy have we got the place for you. There's an actual botanic garden for sale in B.C., and you can be the proud owner of everything inside it for just $3.7 million. This place is a true plant lover's dream, with tons of unique plant and animal species living within it.

The massive garden is located in Tofino, B.C., one of the province's most spectacular areas. It covers roughly ten acres of "forested waterfront land" as well as 1,000 feet on the Tofino Inlet.

With peaceful trails, serene buildings, and sculptures woven among the extensive collection of plants and animals — this place is like one huge zen garden.

Lots of school trips have been here in the past, and it's also pretty popular as a wedding destination. The Tofino Botanical Gardens have been a central part of the area's culture, hosting tons of local events like the lantern festival.

If you decide to keep it open as a popular tourist destination, you could be making your money back in no time.

Between collecting entry/membership fees, rent from the many organizations using the land, and more, this could be a promising business opportunity.

Or, you could kick everyone out and live in the enormous 12-room lodge by yourself.

That's right, on top of the enchanting garden, this property also comes with an enormous house that can function as an Airbnb-style rental or private mansion.

On top of that, they're also throwing in a licensed cafe, adding to your revenue stream.

There's room for even more expansion if you'd like, with possibilities like a new restaurant, gift shop, greenhouse, and more.

Tofino Botanic Gardens

Price: $3,750,000

Address:1084 Pacific Rim Hwy., Tofino, BC

Description: You can be the proud owner and operator of this famous botanic garden on the B.C. coast.

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