For the same price as many homes in Vancouver, you can buy a private island in B.C.

Halibut Island is on the market for the first time in 50 years and could be your new home.

Conveniently located close to Port Sidney and Victoria on Vancouver Island, it is a waterfront oasis.

The property includes 9.67 acres, with stunning views of the southern Gulf Islands.

With all that room, you'll have more than enough space to build your dream house, and one for each of your friends.

Then in your free time, you can enjoy swimming at one of the gravel beaches.

Or you could go hiking in your backyard forest and look for cute wildlife.

Priced at $1,895,000, it is a steal for a private paradise.

Halibut Island

Price: $1,895,000

Address: Halibut Island, Gulf Islands, BC

Description: Enjoy multi-million dollar views from your blue water haven.

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