When people think of their dream home, they imagine huge mansions, penthouses, or castles built of gold. But do you really need something so oversized to feel happy? Here to prove that it's the simple things in life that really matter, this adorable tiny house in B.C. has everything one needs for a peaceful, hobbit-style life in the garden.

Tiny homes balance all the things you need in a full house with unparalleled affordability and freedom.

While it normally comes with drawbacks like less space and fewer facilities, this mobile home and studio combo makes up for it with a massive fruit garden.

Located on Gabriola Island off the coast of B.C., this 690 square foot, two-bedroom mobile home is a dream come true for many nature lovers out there.

It also comes with a second, two-story 500 square foot studio or workshop for you to practice your art skills on lazy afternoons.

The super-private location also means you're free from any distractions unless you invite them in.

But what might be the very best part is the massive, 500 square feet of gardens containing everything from organic fruit trees to bushes of colourful flowers.

You could probably live comfortably off the grid in this place as well. With private plumbing set up and a 1,000-gallon cistern for drinking water drip-fed from the well, you won't need to rely on the city for your needs here.

Plus, you could easily eat fresh food straight from your garden, as long as you put the work into caring for your crops.

If you ever wanted to live Stardew Valley in real life, this just might be as close as you could get — and it's surprisingly affordable too.

Whether you're sick of the stress of living in the city or are a freelance fairy looking for a place to stay, this minimalist oasis by the coast is sure to have what you need.

Tiny Home In A Garden

Price: $228,888

Address: 690 Gallagher Way, Gabriola, BC

Description: This garden paradise is the dream home for anyone who loves the private relaxation of lounging among the flowers.

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