Eco-friendly, but make it real estate. There's a completely green home for sale in Manitoba right now and it's just the cutest thing. The entire place is solar panelled so you can support mother nature while living your everyday life. 

While luxurious mansions and downtown penthouses are undeniably gorgeous, there's some unique real estate in Canada that needs to have its time to shine. 

One of those places is in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom pad comes with 2,000 square feet of living space. 

Totally off the grid, this home is solar panelled, making it entirely self-sustainable.

It can even maintain warm temperatures in the winter without any additional heating source.

The water system in the home is also really neat because the roof collects rainwater that's then used all over the home.

There’s also a greywater system in place that feeds the plant beds and flushes the toilets. 

Not only is the house green, but it’s also incredibly cute. 

Inside there’s a four-season sunroom that can be used literally all year long. 

The windows in this room are massive and the space can even be used to stargaze at night without even having to go outside. 

Plant beds run all along the width of the place which means you can plant your own veggies. 

The living space is minimalistic and has a rustic appeal, so there's tons of room to add your own creative touch. 

All the space is utilized and the master bedroom even has a full walk-in closet. 

For all those chilly winter nights, there’s a wood stove in the living room. It’s the perfect place to curl up with a good book. 

If all of this doesn’t get you going, the price might.

For only $363,000 this green home could be yours. 

Plus, this place allows you to get away from city life and we consider that a win. 

Manitoba Green Home

Price: $363,000

Address: 836 Norwood Rd., Petersfield, MB

Description: Think of all the money you'll save thanks to these handy dandy solar pannels. 

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