Most of the time, the selling point of a new home is the view, or the backyard, or maybe even the kitchen. As for this house for sale in Winnipeg? The selling feature is actually underground. It has a basement you might never want to leave.

The four-bedroom, four-bath property located at 28 Algonquin Avenue has an inviting exterior, with a large cathedral-style roof drawing your eye right to the front door. 

Inside, you'll enter the main hallway with a spiralling staircase to the second level. High ceilings accented with wood give this entryway a rustic yet modern vibe.

Also featured on the main floor is a gorgeous kitchen with two islands, one of which features a very important part of any home: a wine rack.

Tons of cabinet space in the form of a full-wall pantry, a giant stainless-steel fridge, and a double oven make this the perfect spot for a home cook.

The main living room has a couple of cool features as well. Along with a stone fireplace, there's also an indoor balcony on the second level looking over the space.

A three-season sunroom extends out from the dining area, offering a great view of the backyard, which itself offers a generous wrap-around deck.

The real draw, however, is downstairs. The finished basement has all of the comforts of a fancy resort hidden away below ground. 

You'll find a bar, sitting area, bedroom, three-piece bathroom, and even a sauna. You might never come back up once you're down there.

If you did manage to head up to the second level, you'd find a beautiful master bedroom, which also features its own fireplace, dressing area, and newly renovated en-suite.

This $689,900 has so much to offer on every level, whether you want to spend your time above or below ground.

Winnipeg Mini-Mansion With Amazing Basement

Price: $689,900

Address: 28 Algonquin Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Description: While there are plenty of selling features, it's what is underground that is most appealing!

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