Truly, this winter feels like it's lasted one full year - but the good news is that the sun seems like it's here to stay, which is a surefire sign we're heading towards springtime. And what better way to celebrate spring than by updating your outdoor space with some cute, affordable Amazon Canada patio furniture?

True, a fun patio rendez-vous with friends might be out of the question right now, but it doesn't mean you have to accept a threadbare balcony and barely functioning furniture. After all, you're going to be enjoying your outdoor space now more than ever before. Might as well make it functional, beautiful, and completely ready to show off to your friends on FaceTime. 

Whether you've been thinking of creating an outdoor dining area for your big backyard or a place to lounge on your tiny apartment balcony, you've probably come to the same realization: patio furniture can really add up. To save you money, we've created this list of affordable patio furniture you can buy right now. Having a cute, safe space to enjoy the outdoors doesn't have to break the bank!

Here are 14 affordable items that will totally transform your backyard, patio, or balcony for that much-needed at-home happy hour:

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Fairy Lights

Original Price: $16.99

Why You Need It: Fairy lights make everything better, and they're so easy to set up! Transform your outdoor space into a twinkling oasis by hanging them from the ceiling, wrapping them around your plants, or laying them across the floor for an instant outdoor space pick-me-up.

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Cotton Rope Plant Hangers

Original Price: $25.99

Why You Need It: Tight for space when it comes to your plants? Hang 'em. Cotton rope plant hangers (which have become a major trend, by the way) provide a fun and elegant way to show off your greenery and add an effortless touch of bohemia to your outdoor space. 

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Double Hammock

Original Price: $119.99

Why You Need It: Nothing says work is DONE for the day quite like a large, relaxing hammock. Grab your wine glass, your partner, your roommate, or maybe just your dog, and snuggle in close for an intimate happy hour in a sizeable double hammock with enough room for two.

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Fire Pit

Original Price: $179.99

Why You Need It: No backyard soiree is complete without a fire pit! Would you really go this summer without cozying up to a warm, crackling fire, roasting marshmallows, and swapping stories over cocktails? We didn't think so.

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Bohemian Swing Chair

Original Price: $92.99

Why You Need It: Get some much-needed R&R with a seriously comfy (and stylish) swing chair. Hang it up or add a chair stand to create a cozy resting spot in your backyard, on a covered porch, or on your balcony.

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Personal Mini-Bar

Original Price: $151.06

Why You Need It: Amp up your happy hour game with your own personal bar! This mini cooler/cocktail table combo pulls up to keep your drinks ice cold for hours. It's small enough to fit on apartment balconies and even has a drain plug for easy cleanup.

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Hawaiian-Style Tiki Umbrella

Original Price: $98.76

Why You Need It: Are you having to put your summer vacation plans on hold? Bring the tropics to you instead with a Hawaiian-style tiki umbrella! Just add a piña colada in a pineapple cup and a playlist of ocean sounds and you're ready to go!

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Foldable Rocking Chair

Original Price: $84.63

Why You Need It: Ideal for anyone short on space, a foldable rocking chair provides the ultimate comfort after a long day of work. When you're done unwinding, fold it flat and slide it under your couch for easy, no-mess storage.

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Hanging Ivy

Original Price: $34.99

Why You Need It: If you really want plants but seriously lack the patience needed to care for them, try artificial plants like fake hanging ivy instead. They give your space a serious glow-up and never need water, sunlight, or trimming! Talk about low maintenance.

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Lounge Chair

Original Price: $175.55

Why You Need It: Sometimes you just need to relax, like, a lot. A zero-gravity lounge chair provides the ultimate comfort for that seriously needed after-work nap in the sun. Plus, it folds up for compact storage and easy transportation.

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Outdoor Patio Lights

Original Price: $22.99

Why You Need It: Is your backyard or apartment balcony looking a little dull? Patio lights are an easy and affordable way to take your outdoor space from super drab to fab in no time. Once they're up, you'll never want to go back inside!

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Patio Bar Set

Original Price: $179.99

Why You Need It: If you want to upgrade your patio furniture but don't have the room for chunky sofa seats or picnic tables, try a stylish bar set instead. This circular space-saving table from Amazon sits high to save you space and comes with two matching chairs.

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Patio Ottoman

Original Price: $48.40

Why You Need It: So you can stop using old cardboard boxes and spare chairs as your footrest. An inflatable, weather-resistant outdoor ottoman like this one can be used on your porch, your balcony, or deflate it and take it with you on weekend trips.

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All-Weather Table And Chairs

Original Price: $139.00

Why You Need It: Sometimes all you need to complete your outdoor space is a really simple table and chairs combo — but it absolutely needs to be all-weather because who has time to take your patio furniture in every time it rains? This eucalyptus set requires no assembly and folds up for easy storage. 

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