Let's face it, working from home can be tough. Sure, you get to wear sweatpants all day and no one is around to see you have that sneaky 4:00 p.m. glass of wine, but when it comes to getting inspired and staying motivated, working from your couch can actually suck.

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Luckily, the solution is simple: Sometimes, all you need to make work from home life bearable is a little workspace glow-up, and these adorable Amazon Canada home office essentials can help.

As we all try to adapt to a constant work from home lifestyle right now, it's important that we all have a space that is functional and organized. And, let's be honest, it wouldn't hurt to make it a little fabulous as well.

From plant pots that spark creativity to office supplies that just make you feel a little happier, here are 14 super cute things for your home office that will have you actually looking forward to Mondays (or at least dreading them less):

Grid Organizer

Original Price: $27.88

Why You Need It: A grid organizer is the perfect solution for messy people who just can't when it comes to organizing. Glam up your Post-its, calendars, papers, and other important office-y things while keeping them in an easy-to-find, totally accessible space.

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Glass Plant Terrarium

Original Price: $19.99

Why You Need It: Did you know that plants in the workplace can spark your creativity, boost productivity, improve mood, and even help with problem-solving? Add a glass plant terrarium to your slightly blah-looking desk for instant inspiration and a touch of chic. 

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Throw Blanket

Original Price: $29.99

Why You Need It: When the workday gets tough, you'll likely want to reach for two things: A big glass of wine, and a seriously fuzzy blanket. This soft faux fur throw comes in five colours, is machine washable, and would look extra fabulous thrown over any office chair.

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Rose Gold Office Supplies

Original Price: $32.99

Why You Need It: A set of super practical, super cute rose gold office supplies (including one file holder, one letter sorter, one pen holder, and one letter tray) so you'll feel a little happier when having to deal with those snore-inducing meetings and reports. 

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Cactus Neon Light

Original Price: $22.99

Why You Need It: Work is easier if everything around you is glamorous. A cactus neon light gives your home office a touch of glam and keeps your spirits up even when your workday has you down.

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Floating Wall Shelf

Original Price: $64.97

Why You Need It: Keeping your workspace organized is key to staying inspired and motivated. A minimalist-meets-chic floating wall shelf is the perfect solution to keeping all of your office supplies off of your desk but still front and center.  

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Stylish Desk Chair

Original Price: $45.00

Why You Need It: If you're going to be sitting at your desk all day long, you may as well look fabulous while doing it. Get a chair that doesn't sacrifice quality for style, like this trendy dining Eiffel chair from Amazon!

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Geometric Wall Planter

Original Price: $32.00

Why You Need It: If anything deserves a fancy accessory in your home office, it's your plants. Give your succulents and other small plants a fabulous place to grow (or, if they're fake, just show off) with a geometric wall planter.

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Gallery Picture Frame

Original Price: $79.97

Why You Need It: Personalize your workspace with a gallery of your friends, family, and favourite places so you have something beautiful to look at when you take a break from staring at your monitor. This geometric gallery picture frame is available in a variety of sizes and colours to fit any home office decor.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Original Price: $36.99

Why You Need It: Let's face it, working will always be stressful... and no one wants to be stressed. The solution is, luckily, very simple: An essential oil diffuser. With this 5-in-1 diffuser from Amazon, all you have to do is add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, add some water, and turn it on. Within minutes you'll feel all of that tension literally melt off you. It moistens your skin, purifies the air, relieves stress, and improves sleeping. There's a reason so many people use these things.

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Desk Calendar

Original Price: $9.99

Why You Need It: It's time to declutter and separate your work and personal schedules with a work-only desk calendar. Finishing off those meeting agendas and penciling in your phone calls never felt so sophisticated. 

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Desk Lamp

Original Price: $44.44

Why You Need It: A desk lamp is essential to any practical workspace. This rose gold lamp, for example, is beautiful enough to coordinate with all of your other metallic-type office bling but functional enough to give some much-needed light to your dull and dreary office space.

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Balance Ball Chair

Original Price: $93.36

Why You Need It: Working from a desk (or worse, your bed or couch) can be an absolute nightmare for your back. A balance ball chair can help improve posture, work your core, and if we're being honest, it's just way more fun to sit on than a traditional office chair.

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Letter Board

Original Price: $29.99

Why You Need It: Setting yourself little reminders each day that you're doing a good job is important. With a letter board, you can put up your favourite quote, inspirational song lyrics, or little love letters to your bae. Noncommittal? No problem! You can put whatever the heck you want on it and change it as often as you like. Plus, it gives off that very chic, very effortless minimalist-meets-glam vibe.

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