Raptors fans can now watch the NBA Finals in an immersive setting without having to bust the bank. Cineplex is showing the Raptors NBA Finals across Canada completely for free. That's right, one of Canada’s largest theatre chain, recently secured a deal with Raptors owners Maple Leaf Sports (MLSE) to show the much-anticipated face-off between Toronto and the Golden State Warriors in thirty-three of its theatres across Canada.

According to Cineplex, the showings will premiere in theatres from coast-to-coast. The viewing parties will be a fan-fueled celebration of the Raptors franchise's first-ever entrance into the NBA Finals. Raptors fans are being invited to come out and support their team in an “immersive experience you could only get courtside at the game.”

Out of the 33 theatres set to broadcast the finals, 12 of them are located in Ontario. Tickets to the first four games of the series will be available in-person at participating theatre box offices May 29, at 6:00 PM. All Raptors viewing parties will free of charge, but limited to two tickets per person, per game.

According to the Toronto Sun, The MSLE has also locked down a deal with ten cities to set up various local versions of Toronto’s famous Jurassic Park. The original park is a large tailgate zone positioned just outside the Raptor’s home arena in downtown Toronto. Jurassic Park has become the to go-to-site for die-hards who want to enjoy the games but don’t have the cash to drop to get into them.

A new poll showed this week that only three states in the U.S. are cheering for the Warriors to win this year’s NBA Finals. The Raptors could very well become the first Canadian team to win an NBA championship.

Game 1 between the Raptors and the Golden State Warriors is scheduled to get underway in Toronto on Thursday night.

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