It’s certainly no secret that there’s some tension between NHL teams in the Pacific Division. Especially the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks, who are known to have a bit of an ongoing rivalry. During a game between the Oilers and the Canucks on Saturday, November 30, tensions escalated and a fight between rival fans broke out in the stands.

The Oilers lost to the Canucks in a 5-2 win on Edmonton’s home ice at Rogers Place on Saturday. The loss doesn’t rob Edmonton of their Pacific Division lead, but it does position Vancouver just five points behind them.

The game was a serious nail biter, with the Canucks starting off hot with a 2-0 lead. In the second period, the Oilers managed to tie the game up at 2-2.

The Canucks clapped back with two goals in under five minutes. The B.C. team scored once more early in the third period and the Alberta boys weren’t able to make one of their famous third-period comebacks.

A video shows fans getting scrappy at the end of the game. We see at least 10 people, in both teams' jerseys, gathered in a tense group. 

One man in an Oilers jersey tumbles over a row of seats to be grabbed by the jersey by another man and pushed violently. People standing nearby look to be trying to break it up.

A spokesperson for the Oilers Entertainment Group told CTV News that security broke things up quickly, removing some people from the vicinity.

OEG's Tim Shipton told CTV News that crowds do tend to be more rambunctious when playing division rivals, such as the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames.

In response to the video, a Vancouver fan shared their experiences as a nearby observer of the fight.

"That was right by our seats. The Canucks fans were pretty obnoxious and rude. You missed about 3 minutes of buildup. And I say that as a Canucks fan!" they wrote.

Another comment had the opposite perspective, writing "This is a regular occurrence in YEG they are sore loosers. Thankfully im in a peaceful city now in Phoenix when i go to nuck games that crap doesnt happen."

The NHL has been a wild ride over the past few weeks. From the Toronto Maple Leafs' coach getting fired and the Calgary Flames' coach resigning shortly after, there's been no shortage of drama.

Over in the west, it's difficult to say how things will pan out for the playoffs and clearly, fans are on edge.

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