After their servers got overwhelmed with traffic, the Oilers 50/50 draw is being delayed. In the chaos, their system ended up duplicating people's orders and charging them for more tickets than they wanted. Now, as they go about fixing the issue, people will be able to get their money back — although the final pot will be smaller.

Despite shattering records, the Oilers 50/50 draw on Friday, August 7 led to a ton of headaches for fans.

Natalie Minckler, executive director of the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, told Narcity that they're now working on fixing problems and helping customers.

The draw will still be happening and a winner will be announced — it'll just be postponed until after Thursday, August 13.

"Customers have until Thursday at noon to void any tickets that they don't want to keep or that they felt that they were overcharged," she said.

Because people are getting refunds, the over $15.2 million pot will "definitely go down."

"How much, we are not exactly sure because we have not completed that process just yet," she said.

If you have tickets you'd like to return, forward your email confirmation for the ticket purchase to:

Make sure you truly want to get rid of your tickets, though, because Minckler said the raffle is now closed and tickets are no longer available for sale.

"We worked all weekend with our regulator, AGLC, to ensure that the process that we were going out with would not impact the integrity of the draw and that would be fair to all customers."

The winning number-holder will take home half the total pot. The rest of the money will be "invested back into the community and organizations who have been hardest hit by COVID," she said.

"We were overwhelmed by the response that we received, and we're grateful for it," she said.

The current total jackpot has shattered all previous records for the Oilers 50/50; the latest record was set at a total $5,417,130, with the winner taking home $2,708,565 on Wednesday, August 5.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Flames have also halted their 50/50 draws due to "unforeseen circumstances," according to them.

Although the final Oilers jackpot might be lower than what it first looked like, at least people will have a chance to get their money back.

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