The Toronto Maple Leafs' new Albertan recruit Aaron Dell is ready to turn his Californian fiancée into a real Canadian girl and honestly, she’s already crushing it.

The two got engaged in July, and the proposal was an elaborate ruse on Dell’s part. 

As Cady details in her blog, the NHL goalie managed to plan an entire secret photoshoot at one of Cady’s favourite places, The Golden Gate Bridge, when he popped the question. 

Well played, Dell, well played.

The couple seems excited to start their new life in Toronto, especially with Dell showing her just how wonderful life can be in the north.

Nicolette Cady is a California girl through-and-through and San Jose holds a special place in her heart. As she mentions on Instagram, she was born there, raised there, went to college there, and even met the love of her life there.

But now that love is leading her to Canada, and we can already tell she will fit right in. Cady already celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving, partially to support her Alberta-born bae, and partially because she’ll “take any excuse for a double Thanksgiving.”

Dell has already shown Cady around his home province and naturally, they snapped some picturesque photos while they were there.

Like any Canadian, Cady is already comfortable at the rink where she loves to cheer for her favourite NHLer.

Being a bit of a fashionista, we can’t wait to see what TML-themed jackets this California-Canadian girl creates now that her man is a Leaf.

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