The All-Star Skills Competition took place on Friday night, and there is one thing that people can't seem to stop talking about. That's the fact that Auston Matthews and Ron Burgundy seem to share the same fashion sense. The Leafs player made an appearance at the event looking like a straight-up anchorman.

The NHLer's clothes were definitely reminiscent of the famous Will Ferrell character: a blue suit complete with a cream turtle neck. His mustache just pushed it even further.

You can almost imagine him putting it on and saying "I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!"

One thing is for sure: he definitely didn't get his suit at the toilet store. 

It's not even clear whether this was intentional or not. Are the comparisons to San Diego’s favourite anchorman flattering, or is Auston going to find himself in a glass case of emotion?

Either way, with so much discussion about his appearance, he must feel like kind of a big deal.

People definitely took notice of the player's clothing choices. Twitter was soon filled with comments and jokes about the outfit. No one got killed with a trident, but it did escalate quickly.

"Mans really out here looking like ron burgundy and I dont know how to feel," wrote @juicy34pics.

"Auston...I love you dude, but what is with the 70s hair? Alias Ron Burgundy! Love ya, no matter what❤️" tweeted @olsonclassroom.

There were also a few people who thought the Leafs alternate captain shared a resemblance with other characters instead.

"Auston Matthews looks like he just invited you to his country estate to hunt the deadliest game of all - man," wrote @MikeBeauvais.

With such a bold outfit, complete with the appropriate facial hair, it's hard to tell if Matthews went straight back to his hotel after the skills competition, or if he maybe stopped by a club to rock out on some jazz flute.

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