From Toronto winning their first NBA championship final game to adorable intermission performers to fake fights, Game 1 had it all. If you're not watching the game, here are all the best moments from game 1 of the NBA finals on Thursday night.

Drake is out in full force and the Raptors are out to play. Surprisingly, the Toronto Raptors are playing well and keeping the Golden State Warriors on their toes. Thousands of people are filling the streets of Toronto to watch the game live tonight.

Here's a look at all of the funniest, cutest and most memorable moments from the game tonight.

Earlier tonight, Narcity covered the news that Drake showed up to Game 1 in a vintage Dell Curry jersey. Many fans were quick to point out that this could be a way to syke out Golden State Warrior's MVP, Stephen Curry. 

Back in the day, Curry's father, Dell Curry played for the Toronto Raptors before retiring from the sport. Drake showing up in Mr. Curry's jersey was definitely a hilarious way to troll the Golden State Warriors.

It didn't take long for Stephen Curry's wife, Sonya Curry and Dell Curry himself to actually spot Drake sporting the purple and black jersey.

The Vancouver Grizzlies showed up at the NBA finals. The Vancouver Grizzlies are definitely a sore spot for Western Canada. After the western Canadian team was sold and relocated to Memphis, fans were devastated. 

One clever sports journalist was quick to poke fun that the Grizzlies finally made an appearance at the NBA finals for the first time during a video showing the history of basketball in Canada. Hilarious!

There were some totally adorable intermission performers that took centre stage while our favourite basketballers took a break to recuperate. Watch these little tykes dance around and entertain the stadium full of fans.

Rapper E40 and Drake played it up for the cameras by fake fighting for the cameras. 

Fans quickly spotted Drake hiding his Golden State Warriors tattoos with a cleverly placed wristband on his bicep. It didn't take long for Canadians to figure out what Drake was trying to cover up at Game 1. 

Canada's national anthem was sung at the NBA Finals for the first time in history! This was a completely epic moment that warmed the hearts of Canadians across the country.

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