As years go, her 2019 is hard to beat. Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu has seen so much success this last year. Since beating Serena Williams at the U.S. Open to become the first Canadian to bring home the title, she's dealt with media attention she likely never imagined. And, as she's explained in an extremely honest interview, she's not all too fond of her fame.

After being awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy for Canada's athlete of the year, Andreescu spoke with reporters on December 10.

And, while she stressed she is hugely thankful for her fans and her successes, in the midst of speaking to reporters, she mentioned that she's not a fan of her recent fame.

In a video shared by CBC, Andreescu shares with the media how she never truly realized how national and global fame would change her life.

"I've always dreamt of becoming No. 1 in the world," says Andreescu in the video.

"I've always dreamt of winning many grand slams but I never realized all the things that come along with it, the fame, the attention, all of that. And, honestly, I'm not a fan.

The Mississauga teenager continued: "I like to be as private as I can, but yeah I can definitely see how it changes people. And by change, I mean you can easily shift your priorities into maybe doing more media things than your actual career."

Having expressed that concern, though, Andreescu doesn't seem too worried about falling into the trap of focusing on things other than her playing career.

"But I don't think that's gonna be a problem with me," she concluded.


Andreescu took the tennis world by storm in 2019 and her new fast fame hasn't changed who she is. Filter or no filter.

After retiring for the year, she's had a chance to kick back for a bit and rest her knee before her new year starts with the build-up to January's Australian Open.

Despite her injury, she is rated as the second favourite to win the entire tournament in Melbourne.

Andreescu also took control of the top spot for Canada's best-ever female tennis star, bumping down Eugenie Bouchard.

Bouchard, incidentally, has received criticism in the past for things including comments she's made on her social media, including one about Andreescu's Rogers Cup win.

Anyway, we're sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Bianca in the new year.

For now, at least, it sounds like she's doing her best to not let the fame get to her head.

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