Toronto sports fans are a highly dedicated group, even if their teams are struggling. They also tend to take offense at other Torontonians who don't show their support. Dr. Eileen de Villa learned that the hard way, with John Tory showing his disappointment at her indifference to the Maple Leafs.

The mayor and the city's medical officer of health were asked about the NHL bubble during a September 2 press conference.

Dr. de Villa, who was wearing one of her signature scarves, said she was happy with the results of the bubble, and that she thought the safety of Torontonians had been preserved.

It was the final comment she made that seemed to send Tory into disappointed dad mode.

"Just to be clear, I don't cheer for any one particular team, I admit, I do watch hockey, I'm sorry to admit that," Dr. de Villa said.

The mayor could hardly contain how upset he was at these comments.

"She was doing so well in the management of this pandemic up until now," he said, "but this is a serious flaw that we're going to have to address offstage here today." 

Tory moved past the transgression and added that he was also pleased with how well the NHL bubble had managed to work out for the 6ix.

He noted that the only problem with the whole thing is that the city's team had already been eliminated, saying "I do cheer for a team, and it is the Toronto Maple Leafs."

The mayor still wasn't done with Dr. de Villa, though, as he called her out a second time for her neutrality.

While explaining that he would be ready to have more discussions about another NHL bubble in the city, Tory said he looked forward to his team being back.

"By then I will have ensured, one way or another, that Dr. de Villa is cheering for the only team that the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the city of Toronto can cheer for which is the Toronto Maple Leafs," he said, "there is no other choice."

Tory has always expressed his sports fandom, having recently just pulled out his famous Raptors jacket once again.

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