So far, Drake's apparel to the finals has been solely focused on throwing shade at players of the Golden State Warriors as he sits courtside to cheer on the Toronto Raptors. Tonight, Drake appeared at Game 2 sporting a Home Alone themed hoodie that showcases the famous Kevin screaming photo with the words "Kevin?!?!?!" beneath it. Of course, Raptors fans caught on quickly that Drake's hoodie was meant to throw shade at Golden Warrior player Kevin Durant. 

As Drake made his way to his courtside seats to cheer on the Raptors, he sported his black hoodie that seemed unassuming from the front. However, as cameras caught a glimpse of the back of it, fans were quick to catch onto the shade that Drake was trying to throw. 

Taking the famous line from Home Alone "KEVIN?!", Drake used the hoodie to poke fun at how Kevin Durant has been absent from the court during the finals. Basically, Drake is trying to ask, where's Kevin Durant? 

According to USA Today, the Warriors haven't been transparent when it comes to the absence of Durant at the finals. The two-time NBA finals player is sitting out Game 2 as he hadn't been cleared to play. Durant has been suffering from a calf strain since an earlier game against the Rockets. 

At Game 1, Drake also threw shade at the Warriors by wearing Steph Curry's father's old school Raptors Jersey. Narcity reported that the rapper was spotted wearing Dell Curry's Raptor jersey as a way to throw shade at his son, who is currently playing for the Warriors during the NBA finals. 

Drake was also spotted covering up his Golden State Warriors tattoo on his arm during game one by placing a wristband over his arm. Tonight, covering up the tattoo was much easier, wearing a long sleeve hoodie to hide it entirely. 

Of course, Twitter fans are praising Drake for his creativity when it comes to throwing shade at the Warriors during the finals. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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