Raptors fans have been seriously hoping that beloved NBA star Kawhi Leonard will stay on with the Toronto Raptors next season. In the short time that he's been with the team, he's already managed to win over the hearts of many fans who believe that Kawhi Leonard will re-sign with the Toronto Raptors after a recent interview. 

A couple of weeks ago, reports revealed that the Raptors were becoming more confident that NBA star Kawhi Leonard would re-sign with the team.

The small forward has made a huge mark during his time with the Toronto NBA franchise and has helped lead the team to success throughout the season. He will become a free agent this summer on July 1. However, leading up to this, many people have become confident that he will re-sign with the Raptors.

Now, fans have another reason to be hopeful. The Toronto Raptors uploaded up a video interview of Kawhi Leonard just one hour ago on their Twitter page. In the interview, he responds to a question and says that he's "playing for the city so [the] Toronto Raptors, so that's my investment". 

Although his answer was brief, this has been enough to get fans excited and many are now convinced that he's staying with the Toronto Raptors for the next season. The tweet has gotten almost 2000 likes and 300 comments since it was posted. 

Check out what fans had to say in response to his interview. 

Kawhi Leonard did an interview with Serge Ibaka on How Hungry Are You yesterday as well, and it also led to more fans being convinced that he'll stay in Toronto. 

So what are the chances that he'll stay with the Raptors? When Leonard first joined the team, fans could feel that he wasn't exactly happy about the move. However, as he's continued to play for the team, he seems increasingly comfortable and many believe that he has enjoyed his run on the Raptors. 

On top of this, the Raptors are expected to offer him a contract based on what he values and prioritizes – one that focuses on his health, gives him a chance at the championship, offers him around $50 million more than other teams can provide, and more, according to TSN.

Although there's much speculation going on about which NBA franchise Leonard will sign or re-sign with, nothing has been set in concrete yet. Fans will have to continue waiting anxiously for his decision. In the meantime, make sure to support Kawhi Leonard and the rest of the Raptors players as they compete in the playoffs

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