The family is finally reunited! Fred VanVleet shared the most heartwarming reunion with his kids on Monday after spending more than a month isolating inside the NBA bubble. The 26-year-old could be seen being lovingly embraced by his children in videos shared by his long-time girlfriend, Shontai Neal.

In one of the clips, VanVleet's daughter, Sanaa, can be heard screaming, "Daddy!" before running towards her father and being scooped in his arms.

Fred Jr., the player's one-year-old, seems a little more hesitant during the initial reunion.

However, a photo showing the two cuddling in bed highlights how much the little guy missed his dad.

The Raptors headed to Florida back in early July to begin training for the 2019-2020 NBA season.

The move forced the team to leave their friends and families behind due to the league's strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Freddie, in particular, had previously opened up about how difficult it was to leave his partner and kids after spending so many months at home together.

"I take a lot of pride in being a father and family's probably the most important thing to me, so that was definitely a tough decision to make," the player said at the time.

Thankfully though, players and their loved ones can finally be reunited as restrictions loosen during the second round of the playoffs.

A limited number of family members are now permitted to join the Raptors, so hopefully, we will see plenty more sweet reunions this week.

The heartwarming reunion with his family is much needed for VanVleet, who struggled to hide his emotions during a recent press conference.

While talking about the shooting of Jacob Blake, the basketball player mentioned that he couldn't wait to just hug his kids. 

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