From his wide-brimmed hat down to his loafers, there’s no denying Auston Matthews is in tune with his fashion choices. But is he the most stylish player on the Toronto Maple Leafs?  If you ask the players, they seem to think not. In fact, according to a recent Maple Leafs player poll, it's actually William Nylander’s fashion that really steals the show. 

The Athletic asked a total of 17 Leafs players a variety of questions about their on- and off-ice lives for a piece published Tuesday, March 3.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly for the style-conscious Leafs, fashion was the focus of one of the questions.

With outfit options like these to call upon, you might have expected Matthews to take home the title.

But it turns out that with 40% of the votes for Nylander and 34% (yep, AM34 is real) for Matthews, Big Willy Style beats Auston's drip by a mere 7%.

So, there you have it. William Nylander, the Leafs' "Best Dressed Teammate."

To be fair, between Nylander's bold summertime cornrows (complete with a Hawaiian shirt) and his most recently raved-about Prada jacket, we can understand how the Swedish prince pulled ahead.

And even if the rest of the Leafs wouldn’t dare to sport Willy's wardrobe, they still appreciate it.

“I wouldn’t necessarily wear what he’s wearing, but he’s got his own style and you’ve got to respect that,” revealed Alexander Kerfoot in The Athletic's poll.

So, we already know Matthews is a total fashion icon. I mean, who else could pull off this Ron Burgundy look?

But it seems everything’s coming up Nylander now.

Fans of the team didn’t quite share the same opinion as the players, though.

One Leafs lover even tweeted: “Someone please tell the leafs that dressing weird is not the same thing as dressing well.”

After Willy spent thousands on that Prada jacket, too. Ouch.

Defenseman Jake Muzzin agrees that Nylander's style is a little out-there sometimes.

“But you’ve got to give them credit; they put themselves out on the line and they go out there wearing some funny s***," Muzzin said.

Personally, our favourite Nylander look has to be anytime he's rocking an iconic hat from Sugo, his noted favourite spot for Italian eats in the 6ix.

Whether Matthews or Nylander is your Leafs crush at heart, you've got to admit this team knows how to dress.

The full poll, which also threw up interesting chat about where Leafs players choose to live and why, can be found here.

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