Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri released a powerful statement on Thursday, August 20, noting that his fight for justice over the infamous 2019 altercation with a sheriff's deputy shows exactly why the Black Lives Matter movement is needed.

Ujiri notes the new video released this week shows how "horribly" he was treated at Oracle Arena last year. The sheriff's office has nevertheless insisted the Raptors chief was the "aggressor" in the situation.

There’s only one indisputable reason... because I am Black.

Masai Ujiri

He also acknowledges that the only reason he is being able to fight for justice is his success and his high profile.

"Because I’m the President of a NBA team, I had access to resources that ensured I could demand and fight for my justice," he said in the statement released by the Raptors on Thursday, August 20.

"So many of my brothers and sisters haven’t had, don’t have, and won’t have the same access to resources that assured my justice. And that’s why Black Lives Matter.

"And that’s why it’s important for all of us to keep demanding justice. Justice for George [Floyd]. Justice for Breonna [Taylor]. Justice for Elijah [McClain]. Justice for far too many Black lives that mattered."

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