It appears there may be a new Canadian power couple in town and they’ve got us shaking in our skates. If you haven’t heard yet, Toronto Maple Leafs' Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue, ice dancer extraordinaire, are thought to be seeing each other. And while the two stars haven’t officially announced a relationship, what's being described as a bit of Instagram flirting has sent fans into a total love haze. 

Rumours that Rielly and Virtue are together have been skating around for months now. 

The retired Olympian recently left a heart eyes emoji on an Instagram ad the Leafs star posted which featured him posing in a suit. 

And between Tessa's IG comments, public appearances together, and Auston Matthews' juicy recent interview, fans have all but anointed the two as Canada’s newest power couple. 

We already know that the Leafs are full of adorable couples who share some of their cutest moments online. 

But hockey and figure skating fans alike can’t stop talking about these two.

Some are drawing comparisons to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, while other tweets — dare we suggest — seem to be sprinkled with a touch of jealousy.

Overall, though, it seems many ship this unconfirmed power couple and we have to admit, we can’t blame them in the slightest.

After seeing the now-notorious heart-eye Instagram comment, one fan wrote: "Tessa Virtue the Queen and Morgan Rielly, the reason I have some sanity left with the Leafs?!"

And it seems plenty of people couldn't help but feel pure Canadian sporting pride for the apparent power duo. 

Confirmation of a relationship? Who needs it? Not Leafs fans, that's for sure.

Others felt a little jealous of the Leaf's defencemen. 

One admiring fan even admitted that "if someone had to steal Tessa Virtue away from me, I’m glad it was Morgan Rielly."

That's very magnanimous, good sir.

"The true royal couple," one fan tweeted. 

Another announced: "This is the Royal Canadian news I'm interested in."

Hey, who knows, maybe the two power couples can go on a "royal" double date one day?

Either way, it seems safe to say that Toronto is giving these two a big thumbs up.

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