It’s no secret at this point that Kawhi Leonard keeps his private life, well, private. The NBA star hasn't been active on Twitter since 2015, he doesn’t have Instagram and has said more than once that he prefers to live in the moment. Leonard’s family also lives a pretty private life. That's why photos of Kawhi Leonard's girlfriend and kids are so hard to find, and why Raptors fans were thrilled to finally see the player celebrate with his family at the victory parade in Toronto on June 17th.

Kawhi, his girlfriend Kishele Shipley and their two-year-old daughter Kaliyah were captured in several adorable moments during the parade. Leonard was the team’s MVP during the Raptors playoff run, so it was given that he would be a big focal point for fans - some of whom camped out all night just to catch a glimpse of the player.

However, in true Kawhi form, the player kept his ego in check as he was celebrated by millions of screaming fans. Kawhi stayed close to Kishele and Kaliyah for most of the parade, and the photos are just too precious.

Kawhi held Kaliyah in his arms as he walked onto the stage at Nathan Phillips Square, in front an awestruck crowd of Raptors fans:

On the way to the stage, Kawhi and Kaliyah ran into Justin Trudeau. The father and daughter shared a brief but heartwarming moment with the Prime Minister and his kids:

Four hours into the parade, Kawhi and his family were visibly a little tired. They could be seen hanging out in the back of the bus while Drake took over crowd duties:

This photograph of Kawhi cuddling up to Kishele as little Kaliyah naps is probably the cutest thing you are going to see all day:

I mean, just look at them. They're precious:

It’s nice to see Kawhi and his family embracing the city as a unit. It’s something fans have had yet to see until now, and it makes you hopeful that the player will choose to stay in the 6ix after all. Five more years of Kawhi is just what this city needs.

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