With Game 2 well underway, Raptors and Warriors have been battling it out for the lead. As the game continues, Raptors fans are getting increasingly frustrated as it seems the bulk of the Golden State Warriors points are coming from multiple foul shots. Fans have been quick to blame the referees for favoring the warriors during tonight's game. 

Fans are taking to Twitter to express their frustration when it comes to the calls that the referees are making during the game. Many fans believe that the referees are making so many calls in attempts to keep the championships in the South. Regardless, the game has been crawling along as the Raptors have to battle against the foul shot points that the Warriors have been claiming throughout the night. 

Some fans are going as far as to call the entire thing a conspiracy, stating that the referees are the ones against the Raptors as they continue to call fouls in the Warriors favour. However, despite the number of foul shots that the Raptors have been dealing with, they have been holding their own during the game. 

However, the fans hate towards the referees may not be unwarranted. According to the Los Angeles Time back in 2016, Scott Foster, who is currently reffing Game 2 of the NBA finals was voted the worst official in the league. 

According to a survey that the Times conducted, they asked three dozen NBA Players, head coaches, and assistants who were the worst and they all seemed to be in agreement that Foster is the worst referee in the league. These players stated that Foster is never able to admit that he has made a mistake. 

While fans are definitely keeping an eye on Foster and the other officials tonight, whether or not there is a true conspiracy against the Toronto Raptors will likely remain a complete mystery. 


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