The Toronto Raptors are showing some love for the fans. In an interview on Sunday, Raptors' Kyle Lowry told reporters that he will be missing Torontonians cheering him on from the sidelines. The superstar even stated that the team's fans are "the best in the NBA."

Lowry opened up about what the absence of Toronto fans meant to him during a virtual press conference on Sunday.

"We just miss the fans in general. Our fans in Toronto are the best fans in the NBA," Lowry said according to

"I truly believe that. . . and Jurassic Park, the atmosphere, the electricity around the city, the buzz around the city, that's definitely gonna be missed, and we wish we could have it." 

Nick Nurse also revealed that he will miss seeing Torontonians in the stands. 

"I just had a big thought of not doing this in front of fans because, as you know… Man, that first game when the Raptors go to the playoffs and you walk into that arena, the fans get up, and it's really something for us to be a part of and we'll miss that for sure," he stated.  

Thankfully, the Raptors won't be totally without morale support this season.

The NBA has whipped up a new digital experience that allows fans to attend games from the comfort of their homes.

Yet, despite the lack of real-life fans, Lowry states that the championship win last year has helped the team gain perspective on what it takes to win. 

"We know what it takes, we know how hard it is, we understand that it is going to take every little bit of effort that you have to get to that point and to actually win it," he stated. 

"That just helped us with our ability to know, like, 'Yo, we can do this,' and this is how hard it is."

The Raptors are currently isolating in Orlando, Florida.

The team will be forced to defend their championship there, without their Toronto fans. 

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