Throughout the Toronto Raptors entire playoff run, there have been rumours of a Raptors referee conspiracy. The theory is that the NBA and the referees don't want to Toronto to take home the championship, for some reason. Some fans think because of this, the refs are being harder on the Raptors and missing some key calls in their favour. 

Now in Game 6, fans think the refs conspiracy is completely real. While the game remains painfully close throughout the third quarter, which ended with a score of 88-86 for the Golden State Warriors, fans are not pleased with some of the calls being made. 

With both Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry in foul trouble and a whole quarter left to play the fans seem to think that the referees are calling way too many fouls on the Toronto players tonight, especially when it involves Warriors superstar Steph Curry. They think that because of this, the Golden State Warriors have been able to keep the score up higher than they deserve. Some even fear that this conspiracy could cost the Raptors the championship

Of course, nothing has been confirmed about this particular conspiracy, and it's unlikely that the league would tell the officials to treat any team unfairly. However, fans definitely believe that it's real and have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about it. 

Here's what some fans have to say about it. 

Oddly enough, there are also a number of Golden State Warriors fans who seem to think the refs are working against their team tonight. 

In this situation, neither the teams or the league will likely comment publicly on whether or not there is a conspiracy from the referees. Nonetheless, fans on Twitter seem to have their mind made up. 

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