Kyle Lowry opened up after the team's second loss to Boston at the Raptors vs. Celtics game Tuesday night. 

The game was a close one, with the Celtics winning by three points for a final score of 102-99. 

We're pretty pissed right now, we're down 0-2.

Kyle Lowry

"This is not a situation we'd like to be in... But all we've gotta do is get 1 game and take it 1 game at a time," Lowry stated, via Josh Lewenberg.

Although he voiced his frustration, he said they'll be taking it one game at a time. 

"We played a well-energized game, we just didn't close it out. We just didn't finish the game defensively as we should have," KLow said in a press conference.

Nick Nurse also spoke out about the loss and says that he won't let his team give up. 

"I think we should know we shouldn't give up. We know the next game is supercritical."

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