Game 6 of the NBA finals is officially underway. Just moments ago, Sarah McLachlan sang the Canadian national anthem and now the internet is ripping her apart. If we have learned anything from the games this season, it’s that everyone is a critic. 

The NBA Finals have been a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to the Canadian national anthem. During Game 4, people hated it. A Saskatchewan country singer performed it and the Internet was outraged.

For Game 5, it was the audiences' turn. While an opera singer started it out, the audience finished and it was really something else. Canadians loved it. The patriarchy was real and quite honestly, it might be hard to top that feeling. 

Tonight, for Game 6, Sarah McLachlan took over. While Canadians were generally excited about the performance beforehand, the Internet is less than enthused after the performance. 

McLaughlin is known for singing; especially Arms of an Angel for animal adoption commercials. It seems as though no one has forgotten this and now, many people are saying they have the sudden urge to donate to the SPCA following her performance.

Check out a video of her Canadian anthem performance below! 

There has been a barrage of tweets from people saying they want to donate or adopt an animal while watching her perform.

Others are saying the performance would have been better if a bunch of sad animals photos played across the big screen. Some people even thought she was going to start singing the infamous song when she got on stage!

Needless to say, people weren’t the biggest fan of this performance. Tons of people are calling it “trash”. Many people were saying she was struggling to get through, noting some of her voice cracks. 

However, it wasn’t all bad reactions – there were still some people genuinely enjoyed it. And while most people would cut her some slack, Twitter users did not. 

Fingers crossed this is the last time we have to listen to the Canadian national anthem at an NBA final game this season. Go Raptors! 

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