The Raptors are all anyone in Canada can talk about right now. So it’s really no surprise when we say that the Toronto Raptors became the most profitable sports team in Canada right now with their insane net worth. Can you guess how much their worth?

The Toronto Raptors have officially surpassed Canada’s NHL teams and the Blue Jays for being the most valuable sports franchise in Canada! 

According to the Toronto Star, the team is worth a whopping $1.8 billion. That’s worth more than Kylie Jenner! 

To put it into perspective of other sports team, the Blue Jays are worth $1.5 billion while the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth $1.45 billion. 

But what has led up to this huge profit? It's no surprise that their recent run in the NBA finals has been great for the Raptors brand. With an influx of millions of fans comes millions of dollars of revenue. 

Apparently, that’s not the main driving force. According to Yahoo! Sports, the NBA has a huge deal with U.S. National TV that has reached a level of unprecedented success. This means, the team is officially worth about $1.8 billion USD. 

In CAD, that value goes up to be $2,415,510,000.

In 2014, Forbes estimated that the team was worth a cool $520 million. Since then, a lot has changed. 

Since 2014, the Raptors have signed a nine-year TV deal, which has been responsible for more than 50 per cent of the team's revenue. Yahoo! Sports also noted that the Raptors have been an ongoing playoff team, winning their division in four of the five years since. 

According to Yahoo! Sports, these numbers are not the exact worth of the team. In fact, they are worth more should you be looking to purchase them. 

Experts say that a sports franchise team generally sells for 25 to 30 per cent more than their value as there is a limited number of teams to purchase and fewer opportunities to do so. 

Everything to do with the Raptors has been expensive. Recently, someone bought a pair of Raptors tickets for $135,461.11. CAD. You could literally buy a private island or plane for that much money!

Raptors finals tickets have been shattering multiple records for how expansive they are. A pair of courtside seats for Game 7, if it goes that far, are on sale right now for $151,188 CAD. Even tickets in the nose-bleed sections are going for upwards of $900! 

Tonight, you can watch the Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors at 6 PM PT.

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