While the Albertans are off smashing records and setting historical sales with their raffles, the Canucks 50/50 looks measly in comparison. So many people bought Oilers tickets that they completely sold out. Meanwhile, in Raincouver, the total pot is currently less than a tenth of that win.

With fewer than nine hours of ticket sales left for the Canucks' Thursday, August 6 50/50 draw versus the Minnesota Wild, the total pot is just over $133,600. Of that, the winner takes half.

That's still more than enough cash to buy a couple of hundred beers, but it'll need a miracle to match up with the Oiler's magnificent $5,417,130 total pot on Wednesday, August 5.

The Calgary Flames' Thursday, August 6 pot is also lagging behind at $392,260, but it's still triple that of the Canucks.

To get your Canucks raffle tickets, simply place your order online, with three tickets going for $5, seven for $10, 50 for $20, or 150 for $50.

The winner is drawn near the end of the third period and announced with just minutes of play remaining.

One lucky fan will take home half the (currently tiny) pot; the rest goes to the Canucks for Kids Fund, raising money to help children provincewide.

The Canucks are facing off against the Minnesota Wild in game three right now, currently neck to neck at 0-0. They'll return for the fourth and final games on Friday, August 7 at 7:45 p.m. and Sunday, August 9 at a time to be determined.

The two teams are about even score-wise, with the Vancouverites snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat, winning 4-3 on Tuesday, August 4.

This comes on the heels of a dizzying loss their first game, scoring no points on Sunday, August 2.

With just over eight hours left on the current draw, Canucks fans had better start breaking open the piggy bank for a chance to win.

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