Vancouverites are not shy about their love for the Sedin Twins. Today, a Vancouver Airport noise notice alerted travellers about possible loud noises around the city following the Sedins' retirement ceremony in Rogers Arena. Henrik and Daniel Sedin, who retired from professional hockey in 2018, are getting their jerseys raised as part of an incredible send-off ceremony at the Vancouver Canucks' home arena. 

The Canucks have a whole awesome week planned in celebration of the Sedin twins.

They hosted a Legends Night on Monday, February 10, which celebrated the Sedins' contributions and excellence, and they've also got a Legacy Game on their roster for Sunday, February 16, where the twins will be playing a game with children from the community. 

This epic tweet from Vancouver Airport, however, confirms that the retirement night tonight, on Wednesday, 12 February, is going to be bonkers.  

For the first time ever, Henrik and Daniel Sedin's jerseys will be raised into the rafters.

Fans will be getting free Sedin t-shirts and beer in special Sedin cans. And to top it all off, the Canucks are retiring their jersey numbers, 22 and 23.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin, hailing from Sweden, have always been at each other's sides throughout their professional career, according to the NHL's website. They even debuted and retired together. 

Their retirement in 2018 left behind an impressive legacy for the Canucks.

As stated by the NHL, Henrik left as the Canucks' leader in assists with 828 assists, whereas Daniel holds the record for all-time goals in Canucks history, with 391 goals. 

With stats that impressive, we are surprised the duo has not been given keys to the city yet. 

But more than impressive athletic stats, they are also being honoured for their extensive community and charity work. 

The Vancouver Sun explained that the Sedins are fully committed to brightening up their fans' days at the B.C. Children's Hospital and Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

Vancouver International Airport is not messing around when they warn that there is going to be plenty of cheering and crying tonight. This is going to be the cherry on top of an already-sentimental week

Fans have jumped online this week to post their tribute to the Sedins. This could only predict what a huge night lies in store for the stadium-goers, who are already known to be super passionate. 

One user posted a video of the Sedins playing a trivia game.

Another user promised that the tears will be flowing in full force on their retirement night. 

One fan talked about how their friend has come in all the way from Australia to see the Sedins' retirement night. 

Get ready to put on those noise-blocking headphones or join in on the fun because it's looking like it's going to be one memorable, crazy night. 

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