After weeks of cold weather, many of us are be ready for winter to be over. While it might seem hard to believe now, the warm weather actually isn't that far away. Soon enough will be able to take off our many layers and breathe in the scent of blossoms in the air. To help you get excited for the change of season, and to give you some hope to pull through the rest of winter, we're sharing some of our favourite photos of B.C. in the spring.

Some of the first signs of the change of season are all the floral themed festivals. It feels like the entire province comes out to catch a glimpse of the first signs of spring.

In cities like Victoria and Vancouver, you don't need to fly to Japan to see cherry blossoms. 

Instead, you can join the Sakura Days Festival at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. It is the perfect way to spend your time off. As you can eat some delicious Japanese food and relax under the flowering trees.

Of course, the main not to miss event is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Over 2,689 different locations in the city are mapped out so you can find all the puffy, pastel pink and white buds. 

Another classic sign of the end of winter, are all the colourful tulips. In April (or sometimes May, depending on the weather), you'll want to head to a tulip festival.

For the ultimate Instagram picture, you can enjoy a picnic with your friends next to the millions of flowers. 

Plus, most of flower farms and festivals in the province will let you build your own gorgeous bouquet to take home from their u-pick area.

You definitely don't want to miss out on seeing fields of daffodils and acres of rainbow-hued tulips.

Spring in B.C. means losing yourself in fragrant fields of hyacinths, sunny yellow daffodils, and walking beneath canopies of cherry blossoms.

If you can't wait for spring, then it's time to start building your bucket list so you don't miss out. 


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