In search of something extraordinary to check out? You don't have to look far. There's something totally surreal right in your backyard! Immersive experiences that take you way, way far from ordinary are abundant in British Columbia.

Whether you have time for a day trip or an all-out adventure, there's something surreal on this list that will pique your curiosity. From breathtaking natural wonders and unique places to stay to unusual and unbelievable spots you can visit in our province, we really do have it all. Here are the most surreal places in BC that you can hardly believe are real:

This Secret Swimming Hole Next To Abandoned Ruins

The Sooke Potholes are one of the best swimming spots in the province. This long string of connected pools of deep blue water is located right next to the old bones of a never-fulfilled dream resort. Seeing this magical natural spot and the strange evidence of an old castle is so surreal.

The Sea To Sky Gondola In Squamish

Even though this spot is a well-known attraction in the province, you don't know how surreal it is to be among the clouds at the gondola. You'll see spectacular and dramatic views of the forest, mountains and ocean and check out viewing platforms and a surreal suspension bridge

Helmecken Falls Provincial Park In Thompson-Nicola

Massive falls seem to pour out from a rock face at the surreal Helmecken Falls provincial park. Immerse yourself in the sound (and the spray) of these falls that look like they're straight out of Tolkien's Rivenda

Joffre Lakes Park In Whistler

The Joffre Lakes earn their spot on this list of surreal spots because of their incredibly blue waters. Take a snapshot on one of the massive logs that extend into the lake—if you get the angle just right then it feels like you're standing right in the middle of the lake.

This Actual Castle On Vancouver Island

This surreal spot is one of the top spots to visit in the province. This Scottish baronial style mansion is used for dream weddings and for the film and tv industry all the time! Next time you're on Vancouver Island, you have to check out this surreal Canadian castle.

These Glamping Domes In Tofino

You're own glamping dome right on the water awaits! These domes are totally self-contained and have everything you need for a relaxing getaway. How often do you get to stay right on the water? This surreal experience has to be on your bucket list. 

This Haunted House-Themed Bar In Vancouver

A themed bar like no other, you'll be immersed in a Halloween-style haunted house experience. The lights flicker, ghosts moan and the cocktails mysteriously emit an eerie fog and glow. 

The Yasodhara Ashram In Kootenay Bay

This surreal structure is an ashram and it looks like something from a sci-fi movie! This is one of the most surreal buildings in Canada and it's totally worth a visit just to see the architectural gem.

This Fake Accounting Office Hiding A Secret Bar In Vancouver

You have to walk straight through a fake accounting office to get to Key Party, a secret bar in Vancouver! There's something totally surreal about walking through their office that seems like it should be functional but it's all a front. Pretty funny stuff and it makes for a surreal night out.

Hot Springs Cove In Tofino

This classic BC adventure will never fail to amaze us! You have to take a boat and then hike to these oceanfront hot springs but we promise it'll be worth it for the surreal experience.

This Spa With Eight Different Themed Saunas In Vancouver

You'll feel like you're in another dimension at this spa. There are eight different themed sauna rooms so you can travel through time and space as you steam and relax. From old-school wood saunas to new age oceanic spa experiences, this is a totally surreal spa you won't forget.

These Abandoned Tunnels In Hope

The Othello Tunnels are amazing because you get to walk along an abandoned rail route through the gold rush era train tunnels blasted out of the mountain side. You'll walk on trestles high above the rushing river and through cool, dark tunnels on this surreal trip!

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