Make the most of your limited summer days this year by building your own epic BC summer bucket list! Our province has everything you could possibly want in a summer vacation destination except we all get to live here to enjoy it. From adventures and getaways to fun day trips and relaxing must-dos, there's something for everyone on this list of bucket-list-worthy summer adventures. 

Most of us work hard all year long and look forward to a little bit of a break during the summer. Whether or not you get to take some vacation time or you get a few weeks off of school, most people are lucky and they get to enjoy even a brief respite during the summer.

Here are 18 amazing things to do in BC that have to be on your summer bucket list:

Float Down A Lazy River And Just Chill

There's nothing quite like floating down a beautiful crystal clear BC river at a lazy pace! You have to make time this summer to relax and unwind and this is the perfect summer bucket list activity if you need to chill.

Go Glamping At These Waterfront Domes In Tofino

These brand new waterfront glamping domes in Tofino are the place to go this summer. Each pod is like a little piece of paradise and having your own view of the water feels so luxurious. If you want to up your travel Instagram this summer, then this is the local-gateway to do it!

See The Fireworks At The Celebration Of Light

Nothing says summer like late, warm nights and an amazing fireworks show lighting up the skies. Get your spot on the beach early and spend the night watching the sun go down, the stars come out and the fireworks start.

Check Out The Sunflower Festival

Check out the sunflower festival this summer and be entranced by these supertall yellow flowers. You won't actually mind getting lost among these sunflowers! Plus, you can take armfuls them home with you to bring summer right into your living room. 

Visit Blooming Botanical Gardens

If you don't have your own verdant flower garden to admire in the summer, then going to a botanical garden is the next best thing! Vandusen Gardens in Vancouver and Butchart Gardens in Victoria are two great places to start, but there are plenty of other ones around the province.

Chill on Mystic Beach

Mystic Beach on Vancouver Island is so gorgeous. It has a fun swing and an unreal waterfall! If you only go on one romantic walk on the beach this summer, let it be here.

Go On A Super Easy Boardwalk Hike

The summer is the best time to hike for newbies because the ground is dry so you're less likely to slip and fall. Find a boardwalk hike somewhere in the province and treat yourself to a day in the forest. 

Go On A Spontaneous Day Trip

Make time to be spontaneous this summer! Get in the mood to discover something new this summer by jumping in the car and heading out. Pick a fun place on this list or just drive in the direction that suits you mostβ€”you're bound to find something amazing even on just a short drive!

Escape To A Nearby Island

With so many islands in our province, you have to visit a new one this summer. Whether you go to check out Little Hawaii on Hornby Island or you venture far up north to Haida Gwaii, get on a ferry and find yourself a piece of Island Paradise. 

Check Out The Largest Mac And Cheese Festival In The Province

Mac and Cheese lovers have to put this epic festival on their summer bucket list. Summer is all about fun, indulgence and nostalgia. If mac and cheese was your favourite food as a little kid, then you have to come to this festival to relive the good old days. 

Find As Many Cool Summer Drinking Patios As Possible

With new patios opening up every week, you have to find as many as you can! Whether you strictly love rooftop patios, hidden patios or garden patios, there's plenty in the province so get out there and soak up the sun!

Watch Movies Under The Stars

You can watch movies at home at any time of the year. It's only in the summer that you can watch them outside! Whether you check out bed cinema, watch movies on a giant screen or head to the drive-in, put watching a movie under the stars on your bucket list this summer. 

Visit An Unforgetable BC Winery

BC is such a renowned wine region that it's a shame if you don't take advantage of it this summer. Whether you hit up a local winery just outside of the city or take a trip to the Okanagan Valley and go on a mini-wine tour, you should definitely visit a unique winery this summer!

Spend The Day On The Farm

Whether you like picking flowers, berries or petting alpacas there's a farm for you in BC that can't wait to welcome you. Put visiting a farm on your bucket list and treat yourself to fresh summer produce. 

Go To A Massive Vegan Festival

The most massive vegan festival ever is happening in Vancouver for the first time this summer and it has to be on your bucket list. Vegan food has come a long way from tofu dogs in the '90s and you won't believe the decadent treats and delicious eats you can get at this festival. 

Go Do A Free Yoga Class

It's easy to spend money in the summer because you're busy trying to have fun! Treat yourself to a free yoga class this summer and save on your fitness. Few things feel as refreshing as breathing deeply by the ocean in a relaxing yoga pose.

Mountain Ropes Adventure Course

You can check out the Grouse Mountain ropes course this summer to get a whole different view of the forest. Ropes courses are move involved than zip lining so you'll get to have fun and get a bit of a workout in.

Go Swim At Vancouver's Oceanfront Pool

One of the most gorgeous parts of the beaches around Vancouver has to be our glittering turquoise salt water pool right by the ocean. Plan to visit here as often as you can this summer and you'll feel a little like you're on a resort vacation as you paddle around.


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