So, you've done it again. You've waited until the very last minute to put together a Halloween costume and now you're scrambling to do something quick, cute, and inexpensive. Guess what? Decent last-minute Halloween costumes do exist and we're here to prove it to you.

This list is for Albertans and Albertans only. If you're not Albertan, just keep scrolling. 

How excited are you for the next Battle of Alberta? 

Okay, now that everyone else is gone, let's get to the good stuff. We've compiled a list of super simple Halloween costumes for you to take advantage of. Some basic, some not so much. Pick your poison! 

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One Of "The Other Guys" From Nickleback

Can you picture literally anyone from Nickleback other than Chad Kroeger? Exactly. Dress as any type of rockstar you can manage with what's in your closet and say you're one of the other guys from Nickleback. No one will challenge you. 

Cowboy or Cowgirl 

If you've ever lived in Calgary, you've likely got a pair of boots, a flannel, some jeans, and maybe even a cowboy hat. Toss a bandana in there for some extra razzle-dazzle and maybe even get a friend to dress as a horse. Easy peasy. 

A Scarecrow

The outfit is basically the same as the cowboy outfit except you can add some face paint to make your mouth and nose look stiched on. You'll also need a raggedy hat and maybe some overalls. Stuff some hay in your sleeves for added effect. 

A Ski Hill Lifty

If you want to dress as a chairlift attendant at one of Alberta's ski hills, it's simple. Through on a warm hat, a pair of goggles on the head, use some bronzer to give yourself a goggle tan, and put on some brightly coloured snow pants. You can even fashion a ticket scanner out of cardboard as the final chef's kiss. 

A Zoom Call

This goes for people all over the world, not just in Alberta. For the perfect 2020 costume, dress in your best business attire from the waist up and then go full sweatpants and slippers from the waist down. Boom, you're a Zoom call. 

Your Dad 

Albertan dads are a whole new level of dad. Whether it's a golf shirt tucked into jeans or some sort of athletic wear from the '80s, you might as well just go full dad and raid your father's closet. Being your papa for Halloween is both a touching tribute and a super cute look. Win-win. 

A Vintage Hockey Player 

If your family doesn't have some sort of vintage hockey gear lying around, you're probably not Albertan. Dress to the nines in old-school hockey wear and maybe even black out some of your teeth for a little something extra. It's easy, but it's a classic that everyone can pull off. 

No matter what you do, remember to keep a close eye on Halloween guidelines in the province

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