When it comes to cheering up medical staff, this donkey isn’t half-assing it. Farmhouse Garden Animal Home in Ontario is lending out their resident donkey for surprise Zoom calls and it might just be the cutest thing on the internet. So if your online interactions are feeling a little stale, this one’s for you.*

Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, located in Uxbridge, Ont., is home to numerous farm animals including Buckwheat the donkey, who’s been crashing Ontario work meetings since mid-April. 

According to Farmhouse volunteer Tim Fors, the Meeting Crasher calls are a huge hit, especially among ICU doctors and nurses who care for women with cancer, as well as businesses and classes of all ages.

So far, Buckwheat has jumped into over 30 calls, with new requests coming in daily. 

As Fors explains, she is still getting used to the cameras.

“When our phones are in selfie mode, Buckwheat can see herself in it and gets quite curious. This has resulted in some extreme closeups as she peers at herself in the phone,” Fors told Narcity via email.

So, basically, this donkey is all of our older relatives trying to Facetime us.

That alone has us wanting to call her up immediately, to be honest.

These adorable calls typically feature the gentle and sweet donkey alongside one of the numerous Farmhouse volunteers as they feed her treats and chat. 

Calls start at $75 for 10 minutes, with 20- and 30-minute options also available.

It's usually a surprise, too.

“Usually the host of the meeting doesn't tell the other participants that a donkey is joining the call, so they get a very funny surprise when she suddenly shows up in the meeting,” Fors added.

Buckwheat may be the star of the show, but there are tons of other amazing animals on-site as well available for chats.

“If the meeting host wants us to introduce them to the other animals we do that too. Melody the horse, the cows, and the chickens and ducks,” Fors explains.

So, if watching Toronto Zoo's animals hang out isn't quite doing it for you, why not get a bit of Buckwheat in your life?

To get her to drop into your Zoom call, all you need to do is head over to the Farmhouse website and start filling out the form ASAP. 

So go on, give her a call, and don’t forget to say hay for us!

Meeting Crasher With Buckwheat

Price: Starting at $75

Address: Uxbridge, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can spice up your next work meeting with a visit from this adorable donkey. Just don't make an ass of yourself.

*This article has been updated.

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