Once the t-shirt and sunglasses weather arrives, the last thing you want to do is be at home. If you are like us, you are happiest enjoying the sunshine when you are gently floating on a rippling, crystal clear swimming hole. It is time to pack your bathing suit, as you can hike to one of the best lakes for floating in Alberta and kick back all summer long. 

Near Banff, you'll find Johnson Lake, which is made for sunny days. The mountain lake's inviting blue waters is the perfect spot to spend your days off work.

Reaching the water is super simple, as the 2.3-kilometre path is mostly flat. So even if you are beginner hiker lugging a giant inflatable pool unicorn, you won't even break a sweat before you reach the water.

Honestly, Johnson Lake has everything you want in the summertime. It is where you are going to want to go with your roommate to have a summer you'll never forget.

Not only can you chill floating over the water, but it is a fantastic swimming hole too.

But forget about just diving into the water like you would at a pool. Here you can soar on the rope swing and then jump in the water.

If that sounds a bit too scary for you, there is also a regular wooden swing to try. It is a super Instagrammable spot to relax and enjoy the view.

Already we know it sounds fantastic, but there is more to do here. Next to the lake, there are several other hiking trails and space to picnic too. 

Plus, it also has a beach with soft sand where you can lay down your towel and pretend you are somewhere tropical.

With so many things to do at one location, you'll want to plan to spend the entire afternoon here.

Johnson Lake

Address: Improvement District No. 9, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can float in the sunshine at this mountain lake.

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