Here's a real indicator that summer is here at last! The Starlight Drive-In is now open for the season and we can't wait to catch their signature double-feature movies from the coziness of our cars. This is the ultimate chill night out in the province and you can only do it in the summer. 

At this popular drive-in, the movies play on the largest screen in North America. It's 50 feet high! You'll definitely have a good view of the movie no matter where your car is since the screen is so massive. Whether you want to sit cozy in your car, open up your truck and sit in the back or picnic on a blanket in front of your carβ€”you're guaranteed to have an incredible movie-watching experience at BC's drive-in movie theatre!

The whole drive-in experience is so old-school and nostalgic. To hear the movie, you tune your radio to 106.9 FM! They only release which movies will be playing a couple of days before the show which is really refreshing in an over-planned world like ours. The best thing to do would actually be to just show up to the theatre and be surprised at what you get! The movies they play are all modern ones that play in actual theatres. 

The Starlight Drive-In is located in Enderby, BC. It's a five-hour drive from Vancouver and about an hour from Kelowna. They're closed Sunday through Thursday and admission is $11 for a double-feature! There's a concession for snacks and you're even allowed to bring your well-behaved on-leash dog with you. 

To find out more about this amazing drive-in theatre and see what's playing next, check out their website. If you're planning a trip to see Kelowna's epic wineries this summer, then set a night aside for the drive-in!

Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre

Price: $11 for a double feature 

Address: 5341 BC-97A, Enderby, BC V0E 1V3

Why you need to go: Watch amazing movies from the comfort of your car while enjoying snacks outdoors! 


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